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I want to make cool things.

As a visual professional, I use images and illustration to show my thinking. Through every step of my workflow, I produce content and 3D models to ensure all of my client's needs are handled. I am used to working with tight deadlines, high profile individuals, and budgets of all sizes. Everyday I utilize the Architectural Imagination to transform spaces into new worlds.

During my tenure as Lead Project Manager and General Manager of Everything Audio Visual in San Francisco, California, I produced over 1,000 events and converted more than 50 of the Bay Area's premiere event venues into 3D as part of my initiative for better pre-production, planning and communication. I worked with several fortune 500 companies to produce high quality services for their events; including, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Airbnb, Reddit, GMC, Nike, Global Foundries, Auto Desk, and Netflix. I expanded upon this work during my time as a Production Designer with Nimblist utilizing Unreal Engine as a pre-visualization tool for stadium and arena tours.

Jesse Murdock Artist.jpg

Prior to my ventures in event design, I worked on Ponderosa Farms to pay my way through Murray State University where I studied Economics and Art. On the farm I learned carpentry, hydraulic systems, diesel mechanics, welding, fabrication, heavy machinery operation, landscaping, irrigation, aquaculture, commercial agriculture, and most importantly how to work until the job is finished. This engineering mindset shaped the way I design systems in events, construction, software, products and both physical and virtual environments. 


During my senior year of study at MSU, I completed a highly selective internship for the budget review committee at the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission in the State Capitol Building. I worked with state senators and representatives to provide fiscal analysis for their proposed bills and help balance the commonwealth's budget. This led to receiving several leadership awards from the intern class and the appointment to the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels from Gov. Steve Beshear.

Have a look around at my portfolio, and lets collaborate to build something amazing together!

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