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Digital Twins, Cities, and Urban Design


I am passionate about improving the Urban Environment by using the most sustainable means possible to create higher quality of life for citizens. By creating Digital Twins of cities, I am able to consult with Urban Planners, Architects and Event Producers to make informed decisions that ensure city improvements are helping make their communities better places for their inhabitants to live. 

I was the Project Manager for the ASUniverse Digital Twin project at Arizona State University where I led an interdisciplinary team of students in creating a 1:1 replica of the ASU Tempe Campus in Unreal Engine. We used C++, Blueprints, Splines, Foliage systems, Photogrammetry, Landscape Systems, 3D Modeling, Material Creation, collision events, sequencer, lighting, weather systems, First Person, Third Person, and VR Game Modes in Unreal Engine. We also developed parallel applications in Unity and Omniverse. 

I am skilled in 3D modeling, Cesium Ion, procedural generation, Speed Tree, Prop design, drone photogrammetry, surveying, spline based road systems, traffic systems, pedestrian systems, and the Google Maps API.

Tampa, FL

Nashville, TN

New York City, NY

Cincinnati, OH 

Phoenix, AZ

Arizona State University, AZ

Stanford University, CA

Murray State University, KY

Austin, TX

Louisville, KY

Jackson, MS

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