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Ponderosa Farms

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I grew up working on the 212 acre Ponderosa Farms where we raised corn, wheat, soybeans, and catfish. I learned the value of a dollar by laboring outdoors during the hot humid southern summers, and brisk midwest winters.

I worked with Welders, Torches, Diesel Engines, Excavators, Generators, Propane Power systems, Irrigation equipment, Pond Aerators, Tractors, Combines, Trucks and Trailers during my time on the Farm.

We had 45 acres of Catfish Farms, and would routinely harvest 10's of thousands of pounds of catfish every Thursday Morning for the regions pay lakes and processing plants. During the end of my tenure I was the foreman of our crew of 7 individuals.

I was extremely close with my Granddad, and was born on his 65th birthday. He taught me good christian ethics and how to be responsible. His life emitted the love of God and his fellow humans. My Uncle Rick Murdock also played a significant role in molding me into the worker that I am today. While Rick ran the multi-million dollar Ag Connections, he put me in charge of Ponderosa Farm's Irrigation Systems.

Working on the farm, mixed with the scholarships I earned, allowed me to graduate debt free from my undergraduate education at Murray State University.

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