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Calloway County Schools

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I completed my primary education in the Calloway County School System from Southwest Elementary to Calloway County High School. I learned values like loyality and what it means to be a #Laker4Life! I learned to go the extra degree through the guidance of a 212 mentality,

I was on the academic team with Taylor Grady and Jackie Elder forming one of the best quick recall teams in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. With the coaching of Mr. Scott Pile, we established a legacy in the Calloway County Middle School system that consistently attends the state tournaments in Louisville. In High School we were coached by Mrs. Erica Grey who taught me the value of being dependable and how to prioritize academic and social responsibilities.

I played Basketball through Middle School. I competed with the Little Racers Murray State AAU Team, and traveled to Paducah weekly to compete with other teams from the region. In 5th grade with traveled to Lexington, Kentucky to compete in a state wide AAU tournament under the coaching of Steve Simmons and Danny Pruitt. In my adult life basketball has been a way of making friends on the court. I have spent several hours at the Downtown Berkeley YMCA, Mosswood Park, and several of the outdoor courts in San Francisco. Basketball is my favorite form of exercise!

I was in the Band and played Bass Clarinet. I consistently placing in the All-District and Quad State Bands. I was section leader of the Low Reeds, and was recruited as a 7th grader for the high school band prop operation position. This was my first gig as a stagehand at the age of 12! I established several life long friendships through music. I played Guitar in the School's Jazz band. As a guitarist, I played with several local bands in the early 2000's such as Day Fall, The Bodos, and Third Degree Misery. During my senior year I was elected Band President after claiming the position during senior night. This was a strategy I adopted during my later run for Governor of Kentucky.

I interned at the front desk reception area during my Senior year. I learned valuable skills in customer service during this time, as well as how to stay organized in an office environment. My classmates voted me Most Dependable and I graduated in the class of 2011 having already completed 30 hours of college credit through work with the Commonwealth Honors Academy, Online Classes, and the Murray State University Bridge Program.

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