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Frankfort, Kentucky

I completed my Internship at the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission in Frankfort, working for the Budget Review Committee. I was tasked with compiling information, budgetary facts, and issue summaries into spread sheets, graphics, and word documents to be reviewed by fiscal analysts, legislators, and the intern class coordinator. I reviewed documents from state senators and representatives to be presented to committees and other legislators. The committees I followed during this time were Appropriations and Revenue, Transportation, Health and Welfare, and Economic Development.

My end goal of the program was to network for a run at Governor once I had gained enough experience and met the age requirements. I spent time networking with the senators, representatives, and lobbyists that spent their days in the Chambers of the capitol building, this included former Governor Julian Carroll, Representative Brent Yonts, Senator Perry Clark, and Senator Bob Leaper, who went on to be District Judge of McCracken County. They all mentored me through my 4 month program in the capitol building.

Working with this level of high profile individuals from a young age helped me see past fame and recognize that these individuals are fellow humans with goals. Everyone reacts well to a firm handshake, and a smile. This practice proved to be extremely beneficial once I moved to San Francisco and was tasked with assisting CEO's, Billionaires, and Rock Stars on their events.

I was awarded the rank of Kentucky Colonel by Governor Steven Beshear. This is the highest honor that can be bestowed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I was also voted Senate President for our intern class Mock Assembly, as well as, "Most Likely to Serve in All Branches of Government," and received the Julian Carroll Leadership Award.

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